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We hope to see you as a part of our community soon and God Bless! Laying down together and cuddling Discussion in ' Courting Couples ' started by m0rdecai89 christian dating and cuddling, Aug 12, Aug 12, 1. Hey I was wondering what your thoughts are on a non married couple laying in bed and cuddling, but not falling asleep, when say one of them has a bad christian dating and cuddling or just wants to feel extra close and lovey with their partner.

I kind of feel it should not happen because if you are having a truly Christian relationship there should never be a time in which you are in bed together until marriage because that is a sacred place reserved for man and wife and it is too christian dating and cuddling to fall into temptation there. What are your thoughts? Aug 12, 2. If you don't think you should do it, then you shouldn't do it.

Aug 12, 3. Very true, just trying to get some other opinions in this matter. Aug 12, 4. Beds are not sacred places. Aug 12, 5. I cuddle with my fiance all the time. We've also christian dating and cuddling in the same bed before usually when traveling. We've never had sex. If you think that cuddling will lead you to sex, then don't do it. But there's nothing inherently wrong with it. Aug 12, 6. I don't see anything inherently wrong with it, but I will say if you are in a relationship and both of you are still living with your parents, ask them if it would be alright.

My family didn't even believe a couple should be in love with each other before marriage, but myself, I'd have the rule that you need to ask first and then keep all doors open and be on top of the covers, fully clothed of course. Aug 12, 7. My christian dating and cuddling didn't even believe a couple should be in love with each other before marriage Aug 12, 8. Aug 13, 9. Aug 13, Aug 19, I feel it should depend on your own personal boundaries. The act of simply feeling another person next to you, especially during times where you benefit from the christian dating and cuddling that brings, is not something that I personally feel should be restricted.

Sometimes i've had friends lay in my bed when they're particularly upset and just need to be held, i've even kissed their heads, but it's never been particularly sexual. If one or both parties find being in such close physical contact a temptation they cannot control then yes, they possibly should avoid it, but otherwise it's just an expression of affection, no different to holding hands or hugging. Aug 31, Sep 25, The thread seems about answered and I can't add much to the answers previously given.

But, just to reinforce, my girlfriend and I actively pursue being pure with each other, and we cuddle together on beds, but mostly carpeted floors christian dating and cuddling a couch or somewhere a little more public friends, family, etc. We enjoy being close physically just as we enjoy being close intellectually and emotionally and spiritually. With that said, we don't have sleep overs.

When it gets late we can't trust our minds anymore. So just for the sake of safety staying up late together just isn't a good idea, and is something my relationship focuses on christian dating and cuddling we try to encourage not staying up together. Secondly, sleeping over just isn't a good idea due to what people may think. If you want christian dating and cuddling be an image of who Christ is why would you want to taint someone's image of who you are as a Christian, even if you arent sleeping together how does anyone else know that.

This is along the same lines of getting under a blanket together. One's mind can wander what is going on underneath of that blanket. Plus Scripture say that while we are free through Christ we should limit our own freedom so that we can save others. And how can we do that if we look like a hypocrite - in someone's eyes - preaching to not sleep together before marriage while we go and "sleep" together.

While it is definitely hard not to look like a hypocrite as a Christian - or as a human being for that matter - we should take steps to allow for a more positive outlook on ourselves and Christian dating and cuddling. Along the same lines, we should not be stumbling blocks to our Brothers in Christ. That maybe cuddling is something that is a stumbling block for somebody.

So doing this in private private as in somewhere that wouldn't give off a negative outlook from someone and also somewhere that wouldn't allow for stumbling of our Brothers in Christmay be the best.

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