Dating a handicapped girl

A woman with a disability gets real about dating and sex. She's funny and honest.

5 Damaging myths about dating someone with a physical disability

Would you date a person with a disability? Whether they have a speech impediment? Meet singles at DateHookup. I have a friend that is paralyzed from the waist down and in a wheelchair. He complains because girls won't take a second look at him since he's sitting down all the time instead of standing up. He's the same person on the inside, regardless of the ability to stand up. I dated a guy once who limped on his left foot when he walked.

He was so insecure about his disability that it drove us apart. He always made the reference "I don't know why you would want to be with dating a handicapped girl crippled person. It was what was on the inside that mattered to me. For me it's about the face, it could be the dating a handicapped girl their eyes smile or whatever. This actually happened to me a little while back and the guy was really full of himself and kept calling me babe and I found I didn't really have much interest in him as a person.

If two people have THAT connection, physical imperfections should not matter. Psychological problems present another whole set of circumstances. He was in a construction accident in 96, his back was broke so he has to use a cane. It was something I had to think about a while because there area lot of things that he cant do, but he is a person regardless of his disabilities and we have a lot of fun together. I just sat on his knee and we buzzed around the store together on the cart!!

It was a blast!!! But damn, if i was a woman I would definitely date me For I know just how good and nice I am!!! The last woman I was truly serious with seemed normal I loved the time she allowed me to share with her I've dated deaf men in the past that I've meet through my deaf older brother. To me it just matters who the person is. If someone is active and self-supporting in their lives, and not greatly dependent on another dating a handicapped girl assistance, sure!

My EX was completely "normal" but wouldn't lift a finger to make her own dinner, or clean up after herself. Dating a handicapped girl really comes down to psychological compatability more than physical ability. Living with what others might consider a disability is a sign of someone who does not give up -- a fighter. Never say never but my first answer to that question would be no.

I don't care if I date a person with a disability. I love people specially who nice to me! But I was too old for her and the doctors who took the bullet out of my spine said I wouldn't be able to lift her and meet her needs as time went on. Her mother and I worked together on this and when the time came she belived in herself, we agreed it was time for me to dating a handicapped girl on, because her doctor told us that she said I would never leave her unless she could take care of herself.

She now walks, and is one of the most beautiful ladies you've ever seen. But she'll never see me again and thats how it should be. Disabled just mean limited, we all are. I'd do it again if it was the right person. Was just deaf, was a long time ago. Also kinda cool, got pretty good at signing. She was just dating a handicapped girl lol and far as i no lol still is.

Would like to think he will grow up and meet someone and not be thrown on the scrapheap because he is registered disabled. I would date someone with a disability if I was attracted to them. I do not know any perfect people. Looking for that special person may take you wherever. The woman I was married to for thirty-five years had a crotch muffin that had grown closed. How can you top that one? BEFORE YOU GO JUDGEING ANYONE WITH WHATEVER TYPE OF HANDICAP, REMEMBER ONE THING KARMA HAS A WAY OF BITING YOU IN THE BUTT!

FOR NO ONE HAS THE PROMISE OF GOOD HEALTH IN THE NEXT SECOND OF THEIR LIFE! YOU BETTER BELIEVE I WOULD! NO MATTER WHAT THE HANDICAP,THEIR HEART IS NO DIFFERENT Dating a handicapped girl YOURS OR MINE. I am pretty open and non judgmental I am hitting a more selfish time in my life Just hard to find without baggage! THEN THE SHIT HITS THE FAN. She wasnt in a wheelchair or anny thing like that.

She and her husband where hit head on by a drunk drivr 6yrs before I met her. He died instantly and she barely survived. After being with her fore 6yrs, I found her dead in our home. Her doctor killed her. Her husband before me was Chris Oliva, The guitarest of Savatage. Remember the movie misery? I think she was "disabled" So in that case HELL NO! I wanna be able to walk away if I have to!

And for the people that dont want to date someone with a disability i hope all is well for you and you don't become disabled later on in life. You might be with someone like yourself: It wouldn't worry me as long as I was attracted to them. It would depend completely on the person. Just a mental disability. Yes I am now.

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