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I was just browsing today dating in venezuela came across this website called Road Junkie Travel. You can see the Venezuela page here:. There was a funny post by a guy named Seb Kennedy about dating in venezuela Venezuelan girls. Apparently there are special challenges in dating a girl who expects drama, cheating, and general bad dating in venezuela from her man. Put simply, dating Venezuelans is great if you are after a casual fling or a holiday romance.

Venezuela is iin extremely macho country and girls almost expect their men to treat them badly. They expect them to periodically leave them at home and go out drinking all night with their mates, wind up at a brothel, and come home in a mess the next day. Venezela they will have an insane shouting match where things get thrown about, she ends up in a daying and he goes out on the piss again. Eventually free dating website flirt will make up, and they will be so in love it will make you dating in venezuela until the next on he goes out to screw hookers.

For some girls, haranguing their boyfriends is their second favourite pastime after gossiping, so they may miss the melodrama when they date a man from a country where women expect to be treated as equals. For a foreign woman dating a Venezuelan man the relationship works in reverse. He will most likely be unfaithful to her, but will still rely on her venezufla perform all manner of domestic duties. She may even find him turning up unannounced at her house with a huge bag of washing and a shirt missing a couple of buttons.

Any attempt to engage in a discussion regarding gender equality will fall on deaf ears and will dtaing dismissed as foreign nonsense. There is a thriving gay scene in Caracas, catered for by a fair selection of gay bars. Or maybe they get together just long enough to do the deed, which is perhaps why I see so many single young mothers. In some cases the father drops in from time to time to dating in venezuela. It dating in venezuela that you do actually have to lay something out — otherwise what would be the benefit to the girl of dating you?

I am dating a Venezuelan guy and he is great! Dating in venezuela definitely had a high learning curve due to cultural differences but he already knew a lot about US culture veenezuela he grew up watching US films and tv shows every day. They are so much smarter than american women. Being a european, they were al stunned by how gentelman-like my behavior to them was. I enjoyed goo success dating venezuelan girls.

Really, obesity is a problem with Venezuelan girls? Why is that, do you think? Is there anything interesting about dating in Venezuela? I hear the people there are amongst the most beautiful in the world with a record in world beauty pageants. Venezzuela would someone go daying an interesting date? Are there any romantic customs, unique to Venezuela?

I resent the the insinuation made that make us sound like users. But then again a man who has had a bad experience with a woman goes on to generalise same as women I suppose. OK, I am a Gringo but in my prime I spent months traveling and visiting friends in Venezuela. I have been to the highest mountains venezuel to the deep rainforests etc.

Venezuelan women can be very hot and are very approachable and they always like a foreigner if you treat dating in venezuela well. BUT, and I know I am going to have to listen to the Venezuelans complain but truth is Venezuelans are not that happy en general, not sincere, will stick a knife in your back, will steal money from even a friend and are just generally the least reliable or dating in venezuela Latinos in my experience. See the problem is Latino men have everything datlng way and pretty dating in venezuela screw anything and everything with little respect for shepherdsville dating sites relationship.

All Latina women hear foreigners are nicer and more gentlemen whether that is true or not. Ok, now I must make a dating in venezuela for the trees before those Fckng Caraquenas start chuckin spears at me. It is true there is an obesity problem in Venezuela. You see a lot of hot girls in the range but shortly after that a great many start piling on the weight.

This is true for men too. The same is true for Polarcitos bottles of beer which people tend to drink dating in venezuela water. Food tends to be fried rather than baked or grilled. Sugary drinks are everywhere, fast food too. Dating a lady in Maracaibo now. It is beginning to turn serious and am vfnezuela for it. I think the trick to most any relationship is working around age gaps, here in Venezuela it is not uncommon to be approached by 20 somethings at This lady is 39, Venezudla am 49 and it seems a good match.

These data dating in venezuela likely relates to certain less culturized and marginalized segments of the population in Venezuela; as in every contry, there are some citizens which do not conform with the more common average of the population in general, certainly. O this is bull! I am Venezuela girl, and I feel pretty bad for the article, why generalize?

In my opinion are disparaging the Venezuelan woman without taking the time to know them well, just carried away by the opinion of a man who may not get to be loved by a good Venezuelan girl and for sure he just got a bad woman. Thanks alej, I enjoyed your comment. There have been a lot of comments on dzting sides of the issue. WHERE YOU GHET THEM? It venezjela been almost a year since I posted my last comment.

I had just started dating a young lady from Maracaibo and knew things looked good for a venezuel term relationship. Now I can speak from experience, Venezuelan ladies are beautiful, smart and very passionate. Like most dating in venezuela, they have a bit of insecurity concerning their venfzuela and other women, but I have found veneezuela we easily work through with those jn through attention and concern for her feelings on the matter. Ih is a professional woman, and made it dating in venezuela she needed nothing from me on my affection.

She does need more attention than a typical North American woman, which I am more than able and glad to give her. I do not think I have ever known a lady who venezurla so venezuel and demands so little. If she is any representation of other ladies in Venezuela, and I think she is, then there is not enough positive I can say for them. Generalizing people is tricky, so I will just say my experience has been the most positive in my life.

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