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Home Fan Clubs Meet The Star. The questioning period has been ended by Jan. Check out the answers from C-Clown! Music must be on!! I shake my c clown rome dating on the groove! I chat and make some jokes with my friends. I sleep or play computer games. I listen to the music. Who is your ultimate role model? I would have become a pro boxer. I would have become a pro soccer player. Can you expose some of your dorm habits? I used to sleep alone so I c clown rome dating comfortable sleeping alone at night.

Maru often sleeps while sitting upright. TK gets up the earliest. I get up and wake everyone up in the morning. Jun loves to sleep on the floor even if he has his own bed. How do you relieve the stress? I dance or listen to the loud music. I play games on my cellphone. I just sleep well. I eat very hot and spicy foods. I concentrate on something to relieve the stress.

What was the most memorable present you got from a fan? I remember the electric pad for winter time. Everything is equally memorable to me. I was so grateful! I remember the seaweed. I remember the hand-drawn portrait of me. I remember getting the educational supplements. Do You have a song which describes You? There are many songs but our own songs express us the best!

Do you give each other nicknames? And what are your nicknames? He is really good at imitating one. If you had one minute to get out of a burning house and was able to grab one item before escaping, what would it be? I would bring my MP3 player. I would just take the most expensive one that I can find. I will grab my laptop computer. I will grab my letters from my fans.

I would grab my MP3 player as well. I will bring my teddy bear with me! Which member has the best aegyo? There are too many things to say. I think the foods are the different the most. WHat are Your ideal Girls? I love a sexy girl. I like a cute girl. A girl with pretty smile is really attractive. I like a c clown rome dating and doll-like girl.

I like a kind and pretty girl. I like a genuine and kind girl. I love my fans! I always bring my jacket and a tank top. I bring my scarf. I always have my MP3 player. I always have my backpack. If you could relate yourself to a cartoon character, what would it be? We by ourselves have strong characters so rather than comparing us to already existing characters, it would be more interesting to make a cartoon about us! Best online dating sites canberra is the best cook in C-Clown?

TK is the best in cooking. He once made a plate of tteokbokki stir-fried spicy rice cakes. He loves matchmaking websites free and serving his food to someone else. It c clown rome dating fun to just hang out at our practice room but we once went on a trip to the beach in Summer.

Since we have not been on a trip for a long time, it was so exciting and fun. If you could be any animal for a day what would you be and why? I want to be an eagle. I want to become a whale. I want to become a tiger. I want to rule the mountain. I want to be an eagle too. I want to become an ostrich because I want to run freely on a grassland. I want to become an eagle. I c clown rome dating to fly freely. What is your most treasured possession? I value my camera the most.

I value may laptop computer. I love my clothes the most. I love my MP3 player the most!! I cherish my teddy bear the most! It has been with me for a long time! Your stage names are quite interesting and different so Who chose the stagenames for you and c clown rome dating they have any special meaning? My parents wanted me to become a singer who can sing a song like the sweet rain after the drought. Joon is my real name! Who is in charge of doing the laundry in the dorm?

Everyone takes care of the own inner wears while we take turns to do the laudry of our clothes and blankets. Which part of your body do you think is the most attractive? My eyes and nose. What are the ringtones of your mobile phones? Do any of you have any sleeping habits? Maru often sits on his bed while he is sleeping. Everyone else does not have special sleeping habit.: What is the weirdest food you have eaten?

Do you have a favourite childhood toy and do you still have that toy? I loved Lego blocks! I loved Lego blocks, too! I loved a toy fork lift. Why did you guys pick C-Clown for your group name? It means that although we are young group of clowns, we will continously move forward to get our crowns one day! About Us l Privacy Policies. GURUPOP l GURUPOP FAQ l Useful Tips l Card Guides. Thank you for p You do not have the cards that the trade host wants.

You do c clown rome dating have the cards that you wanted to offer on this trade.

Interview: C-Clown (South Korea) discusses Australia and fan group CROWN

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