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Find's Treasure Forums Search Chatrooms Contact Us. Forum Index Message List Reply RSS. Need info on Dating listerine bottles LISTERINE Bottle. November 27, Dating listerine bottles 28, Nice Bottle Ide Say s To But I Could Be Wrong. I Think Thats The Time Line. December 01, This message does not contain any text.

Any Idea On That Rootbeer I Posted IT's A Nice Looking Bottle. Any Help Whould Be Great. Thanks Jim Reply Quote. December 02, It was later sold, in a distilled form, as a floor cleaner listeirne a cure for gonorrhea. But it wasn't a runaway success until the s, when it was pitched as a solution for "chronic halitosis", the faux medical term that the Listerine advertising group created in to describe bad breath. Neil in West Jersey Date: December 07, If it is a screwtop then it is most likely after January 04, Dating listerine bottles 05, Hi, It's a fairly common bottle because bottls its popularity.

I've found dozens of them. The only bottle that I found more of, bottles is Baker's flavoring extract. They must have made millions???? January 22, January 23, They made a couple of different sizes of those bottles. A picture always helps, but as far as I have heard, there are no rare ones. April 16, Does the listerine bottle have a price line,how much? Newer Topic Older Topic.

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