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Home Drama Series Drama Movies Dgama Releases Dubbed Anime Drama Stars. GoodDrama for your Android devices - free download. Marriage Not Dating Episode 5 Korean Drama: Playlist madriage Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4. Playlist 2 Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4. Playlist 3 Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4. Playlist 4 Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4. Playlist 5 Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4.

About 3 years ago. Maybe you should skip the comments section and save yourself the frustration. Let others have their rights. I want anyone goor want his or her lover back to choose Mr Robinson for help cuz he is the right choice to go with. That was brilliant the way they made it seem in the beginning like Ki Tae had really hurt her and she was upset with him, morean in reality it was nothing like that at all! SweetAngel You guys complaining are missing stuff. Now we know what Yeo-reum was up to.

He created that situation by also giving the soup to dzting Chef so that Jang Mi would be so stressed out over not being able to get in the bathroom that when he pressed her, she'd tell him the truth about gopd and Ki Tae. It was a set-up! It's interesting that Ki Tae has warned Jang Gold about Yeo-reum a couple of times.

He must have done similar things before. Marriage not dating korean drama good drama Mi's character is very 'real. What kind of a show would you have without her humor? As for her poopy pants, Ki Tae's mom coming to her rescue was perfect. Now they both have a secret about each other - they are bonding. Jang Mi is the only one who sees Ki Tae's mom's pain and sacrifice. Even though the mom puts up a wall, she can likely feel Jang Mi's warmth. I think eventually this will win her over. Emma I think this is a marriage not dating korean drama good drama restaurant but definitely not high end they're dining People can post their views and opinions, whether positive or negative, they're still just opinions.

I guess you rate all the dramas you have seen a perfect 10? SNSD Episode 6 is subbed: In reality one cannot last more than a few minutes with that kind of excruciating pain which is perhaps dtama than labor pains. She was having cold sweat and usually at that stage the blood pressure may start to drop and one may blackout. Then she downed a glass of red wine and that pizza thingy, really? This spurious diarrhoea incident is as gross as it gets; the story us veering into slapstick comedy.

At this point I think Jang Mi is just in love with love, a crossover between Lolita and Gidget. Everyone else needs a few sessions of intensive therapy for emotional dysfunction. Xrama I like the main girl, she can pull off those funny scenes without being awkward. And dahing to why she liked Jinwoon's character, 1. Gi Tae has been telling her that their relationship is just for SHOW, and acts like it to, like every time they are together, it's like a Big Signboard saying KEEP OFF.

A Lifetime partner so that she wont be alone anymore. Marione I'm sorry I have a lot to say. ANd as to why the GUYS like her. My thought is, YooReum and Gi Tae saw that she loved his EX sincerely, they thought she was in it for money and it turns out not. YooReum was curious klrean first while on Gi Tae, I saw it coming. Because she cant let go easily, like Yooreum who doesn't want to be abandoned. I like her srama GiTae though. She just pooped her pants xD OMG when the wind blew!!!! CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEXT Koraen Then marriage not dating korean drama good drama is totally making out all night long with the waiter guy, like nothing happened?!

Luckily this is a K drama not a k movie, I can only imagine how racy that could have been! And the lead male knows about this and still is going to pursue her?! Not to mention that the doctor girl is way hotter what to know when dating a sagittarius man her I got the second lead syndrome, I know,LOL!

Really writer, I am a sucker marriage not dating korean drama good drama romantic bullshit like every K drama addict here, but this is just to much to digest! Like Jang Mi, I have to find a bathroom fast, LMAO! BlueBird they didnt look like they were making out all night long - too nice hair. Was so funny when the wind blew his way and he backs away. Absolutely, she is talented, no doubt! Is this romantic story believable: This is how you nt your you mother in law to accept korsan, pooping in your panties, LOL?!

I know Korean writers have a weird obsession with diarrhea and dgama second only to amnesiabut this was the longest I've seen in a drama, erama, to me, was akin to bad taste! Also, kissing and liking second and dramz male leads before settling for the reluctant first male lead is not my idea of a successful romcom!

But to each its own, let's continue this exercise in futility: BlueBird leading couple is awesome! Kevin I like this girl. In the beginning she got dumped but just to find herself with 3 guys around her and she is quite enjoying it naively. I don't think she is in love with any of them at the moment. So far so good. Tzuka95 seriously, I don't know why some people just can't see her innocence.

SHE DESERVES A GUY THAT TREATS HER RIGHT!!! Wants to be love? Seriously, that's such a "highschool girl talk". In the adult world, this kind of girl is adting embarrassment to women in general. If she was a friend of mine I would get so pissed at how dumb she is, also easily surrendering herself to jot. I hate srama kind the most.

Fortunately this drama is generally fun enough for me to watch. BlueBird For me its not really " high school talk" - maybe just said in such a way. And in " adult world" women are acting sometimes worse and nobody is calling them names. Berastia poor jangmi, but why she enjoy the kiss. Torres It's set to private.

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