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Can A Muslim Woman Marry A Non-Muslim Man?

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We got talking about it and he said that "I'm a Muslim and there are rules about relationships, so I wanted to tell you that it won't be the stereotypical university relationship". He's probably in bed already, otherwise I'd ask him, so I was wondering what differences there would be? Also I really hope you're allowed to post these types of questions - My particular situation didn't seem to be discussed on the FAQ or wiki.

While it happens all. Muslims are not permitted to date. Not other Muslims, not non Muslims, not at all. There can be no sex outside of marriage. There can be no alone time of any kind with someone with whom marriage is possible, however unlikely. So no hugs, kisses or handholding. No romantic phone calls either. I'm not sure what limits your friend has place on himself, but the limits described above are those places by God. I have known many, many people who have dated Muslims.

And I have heard of many other stories. If your relationship follows the typical arc:. You will never meet anyone from his family. You may meet some of his friends but not others. You may go out in muslim dating non muslim girl with him to muslim dating non muslim girl places but not all. He may try to keep you and your relationship completely secret from muslim dating non muslim girl.

He will, in all likelihood, never seriously consider you for marriage as his family will likely not approve and have other plans for him. Yes, even in today's world. Yes even if he grew up here. It is not always the case but we see it so often I'm not sure why it ISN'T on the sidebar. Occasionally, the non Muslim in this forbidden relationship yes forbidden will see enough of the beauty of Islam that they muslim dating non muslim girl want to become a Muslim.

If they do, they usually either leave it when they break up, or eventually leave their 'friend' because they aren't serious enough about Islam. This last scenario is what happened with me, and to many many other women. No, I'm not punk goth dating site strict. I live in Canada, where I have always lived, and I'm as friendly and outgoing as I ever 40 days of dating aftermath. But this is Islam, and Islam does not permit romance outside of marriage.

I hope you find all the happiness you're looking for. Please feel free to come and ask any questions about Islam you may have. May Allah swt bless and guide you and your friend both. Listen to this, OP. This may or may not apply to the guy you're seeing, but you should beware that this is a very real possibility. Presuming the former, something like 20, Americans revert to Islam every year. I'm in Canada, but I don't have CDN stats.

So there are plenty of reverts. If it's about the dating, I dated A Pakistani guy brieflyan Albanian and an Iraqi who I eventually married. I met plenty others in person and online who were certainly willing. None of these guys were very serious about Islam. I thought the guy I was marrying was just lazy to get up and pray. I was very, very wrong. His attitude towards Islam was horrible. The more I practiced the less he could hide his true feelings.

I asked for advice, I went to conferences, I researched and I prayed. He got worse and worse; four years married I moved out. I've personally known at least 5 or 6 girls to go through a similar process, some getting married and divorced and others not getting to marriage at all. I've cyber-known a dozen or more, and heard easily another dozen stories, like mine. There are more, but I've been avoiding them. The other stories are worse. Girls who are in love with that guy with the muslim dating non muslim girl eyes and coo-coo muslim dating non muslim girl and that shy smile.

She learns a few words and a few dishes, covers her hair and comes to the masjid. But muslim dating non muslim girl he marry her? No can do, ummi has a cousin all picked out. I've known girls to see their boyfriend go home for a visit; she's pumped, certain he's going to talk her up to his family, buy her something traditional and come back with the smell of a wedding. And he does come back smelling of wedding - his and his cousins.

Sorry Canadian girl, I can't muslim dating non muslim girl you anymore, I'm married now. Unless you're up for a bootycall? The worst stories are the visa stories. I know loads of those stories too, but this one girl, Canadian Lebanese, married a Moroccan. Had two children with him. As soon as he had his citizenship he left her and went home and married his cousin. Abandoned his first wife AND their kids. It's a real problem. Support your brother whether he's the oppressed or the oppressor.

Make it harder for him to commit zina by warning women that if he was really serious, he'd be hard selling marriage and introducing her to ummi.

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