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You are using an out of date browser. It may pnone display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Discussion in ' DIY ' started by Njord NoatunOct 11, Log in or Sign up. Rest in Peace Paul Kegger If you would like to phonr the family in this time of great sorrow and need, you may donate on their GoFundme page: Connecting an antique phone to a "modern" network.

I have an old rotary bakelite telephone I hook up antique phone like to put back into service. There is no plug on it at the moment, just the four bare wires, as a former owner just patched the two? Pu use DSL at my house, which requires filters applied to each phone, so I antiqhe need to connect this phone using a modern-day phone plug AKA "RJ". So what I am looking for is some way to convert the phone to RJsuch as: Does anyone know how to best identify how to wire an old phone for RJ?

Thanks for any ideas. Njord NoatunOct 11, Tom BavisOct 11, These folks have been good to me for many years, give them a call or ask for a catalog: Fred SanfordOct 11, You probably want a 6 position plug to crimp on the end. The outer 2 positions aren't used, though, so a 4 position plug would probably work, but it'd be best to get the 6 position kind. Looking from the top of the plug, here's the wiring order to crimp them in: Also remember you'll need to plug it into a DSL filter.

Mystic PixelOct 12, Thanks, Tom, Fred and Mystic: Njord NoatunOct 12, What kind of phone, and what age? You're hook looking for whatever colors were atnique up to L1 and L2 inside. You won't be able to crimp directly to a modular plug, you'll need an adapter Fred SanfordOct 12, Njord NoatunOct 13, Pretty sure that red and green would be the first line; those are probably the ones you want.

If you can get a model number off the phone, you might be able to get more info. Mystic PixelOct 13, Njord, that is a beautiful phone! Sandy GWntique 13, I was able to connect it! My son called his hook up antique phone on it, who said it sounded like he was on a really hoik phone! Could this be just another piece of hpone that vintage beats the new stuff?: For the eventuality that someone will need directions for this, here is how I did it: I took a regular phone cord with an RJ plug in each endcut it in two, and stripped the four wires.

I also stripped the four wires coming out of the phone colored yellow, red, blue, and green. With the RJ in your hand, with the atnique down, and the opening towards you, the order of the wires from the phone is, from antiqur to right: Yellow Red Blue Green I found the correct order by trial and error: Only wire 2 and hook up antique phone red and blue are significant for getting the phone to work, but I connected, by soldering, all four just in case.

Once soldered, I just covered each connection up with electrician's tape. When you think about it, it is amazing that this technology still works: After all, it has been several decades since rotary phones were manufactured. Don't ask me what I intend to do if I need to call one of those corporate lines with automated push button selection pu, though! Thanks for everyone's advice!: So glad you made antiquee work! It's just that the phone company HATES the old pulse phohe equipment, because they have to keep and maintain the converters.

There is probably a line item in the phone bill phlne plan that includes a pulse to tt converter fee, and people can request to get it removed atnique it is a line item on the bill. Back in the 80's I and others where I worked were pretty good at switch hook dialling, slamming that switch hook up and down the requisite hook up antique phone of times at about the right speed.

Njord NoatunOct 14, My grandparents used to have a wall hanging phone like that in their shop. They could dial the phone in house and get it to ring in the shop somehow and tell us dinner was ready. I used to be pretty good at the "fast dial". DENNYDOGOct 14, I was in the military in the second half of the 's: The barracks had phones without dialers hook up antique phone they were intended for incoming calls, only, from the soldier who was operating the switchboard.

By "clicking" the hook a certain pattern "9" was one click, "8" was two, etc. Once there, it was simple for the operator atnique to connect us to the outside world. In fact, I think we were able to dial directly outside the base by simply "clicking" "0", and then clicking the external number. Worked like a charm - Markthefixer, thanks for antuque back that memory!

The phone looks a lot like the one in the attached photo, and is marked "PTT" believed to be the Dutch state-owned phone company on one side and "Standard" on the other. I will hook up antique phone PhoneCoInc. Fred SanfordOct 15, BruceRPAOct 15, CeltOct antiqur, I used to know a number sntique dial that would cause your number to ring. It was one of the ways service techs used to check the line. KeninDCOct 15, You must log in or sign up to reply here.

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