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Wonky Wednesday: Racism in Gay Online Dating

Comment: Do you have a type, or are you just racist?

When I was 25, following a major breakup, I dipped my toes into the pool of online dating for the first time. I had never casually dated, and was cautiously excited to explore this new world. Lucky me, right in the middle of those two! There was no second date. This fetishisation often comes down to problematic stereotypes of Asian women: In the eyes of these men, we assume a monolithic identity.

They see us as a blank page, waiting for them to bring us alive on terms that are anything but our own. We are a trophy, a prize catch. Sexual fetishisation and racism existed before the Internet, of course, but the rise of online dating has given further oxygen to predators. To be on the receiving end of that is both tedious and insulting. Why racism internet dating 'yellow fever' is a massive turnoff for many women White guys who say they're into 'Asian chicks' might think they're super progressive, but some Asian women disagree — strongly.

That said, dating several people of the same race is not necessarily a sign of fetishisation — an ex and dear friend of mine currently has an Asian partner, but has also had multiple white partners, and from our interactions both as lovers and friends, I know that race was not a drawcard for him in either relationship. I can tell from the way the person talks to me, the topics they choose to speak about, the manner in which they treat me and the tone with which they discuss race, if they discuss it at all.

And I can tell from the way they handle my humanity — as a living, breathing being, or as simply something to be collected, stripped and pocketed. I must also acknowledge that most of racism internet dating people I have dated or slept with have been white men. Growing up surrounded by Western media and ideals, I know I have been conditioned to have an unconscious bias myself, and I am trying to decolonise my desire — this is an ongoing process of unlearning.

But at the same time, as Natalie Tran puts itI belong to nobody. As Australians, we are lucky to racism internet dating in a country where we can, for the most part, exercise our sexual agency. We cannot help who we are attracted to, but we can examine the roots of that attraction and recognise their implicit prejudices. Our sexual desires and preferences do not exist in a vacuum — they are a result of what we have been surrounded by and racism internet dating.

Follow racism internet dating author here: TwitterFacebook and Instagram. Tune in to watch Date My Race on Monday 27 February at 8. Watch 'Is Australia Racist? You might want to change your avatar How do we develop more empathy towards people who don't look like us? Why, using virtual reality, of course. People from all cultures and backgrounds should be entitled to a 'fair go' if the 'she'll be right Australia' actually exists.

Why is it so much worse to be called racist than actually be one? Racism internet dating did the right to offend trump the right to take offence? Why you racism internet dating care about the casual racism on television Australia has a problem with diversity on television. Signout Register Sign in. Long Reads Indigenous Life Sexuality Playlist podcast. Life home Health Family Relationships Culture. Previous Next Show Grid.

Previous Next Hide Grid. Giselle Au-Nhien Nguyen breaks it down. By Giselle Au-Nhien Nguyen. I love the food! White guys who say they're into 'Asian chicks' might think they're super progressive, but some Asian women disagree — strongly. How do we develop more empathy towards people who don't look like us? Thanks to new science on the psychology of racism, you can measure your own racial bias — and make a start towards reducing it.

Australia's happy go lucky, larrikin way of life is at risk if Pauline Hanson's concept of 'reverse racism' persists. The reality of racism lies in what it does to an individual and the personal devastation it wreaks. Australia has a problem with diversity on television. Trending SBS Your chance to migrate to Australia.

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Are Racial Dating Preferences Racist?

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