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Queer heterosexuality

The first queer person I ever dated was a transgender man. When we got together, he was nearing the end of a decade spent identifying as a butch lesbian. I was 22 and had just moved to San Francisco. Until then, I had only ever dated straight, cisgender guys—something my new partner actually liked about me. It made him feel like I was more attracted to the the man he aspired to be than the lesbian queer dating straight still identified as, but suspected he might one day leave behind.

I liked that dynamic: At the time, he was still using his birth name and female pronouns. They were indecisive at best, and greedy at worst. I was as attracted to the lingering feminine aspects of my partner as I was to the masculine ones. Luckily, I found a label just flexible enough to fit me like a second skin: Eventually, though, my first queer love and I broke up—though we left on good terms. Soon after we parted ways, I began dating another trans guy who was pretty universally perceived as a cisgender dude.

In those early years of fumbling through my newfound queerness, I was in dire queer dating straight of acceptance and support from the LGBT community. But queer dating straight of how I looked more straight than femme and who I was dating trans menI felt frustrated over being rendered invisible in queer spaces. People in gay bars would refer to me and my boyfriend as a straight couple, or to me as a straight woman, which made me feel like an outsider in what was supposed to be my own tribe.

During Pride, a drunk woman once queer dating straight me she loved seeing straight people like us out in solidarity. Instead, I generally handled these frustrations by silently feeling sorry for myself. On the other hand, I was also well aware that my ability to pass as straight—both on my own and in the context of my relationship—earned me a certain amount of privilege, especially in the world beyond San Francisco. I am proudly, unapologetically bisexual. And still queer AF, even when dating a straight cisgender man, like I am now.

I proudly rep the B in LGBT. And a lot of trans people are in queer relationships that may appear heteronormative from the outside, too. So, the next time you see what appears to be a straight couple at the gay bar, keep in mind that queer couples come in all different combinations. And they deserve to feel queer dating straight and welcome in LGBT spaces, no matter what their love looks like. I believe that true, well-told stories have the power to change the world for good. I also love a good listicle.

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