Avoid dating feminist

Beware These 10 Types of Feminist Men

Man explains why he’ll never date a feminist, learns that no feminist will ever want to date him anyway

Tuesday, avoid dating feminist July at In my own notion. Any good guy with intrinsic respect for females shouldn't have or engage in any long-term relationship with a female having the attitude of the feminist movement. A relationship with a women that has the feminist movement's mentality won't be healthy. As the females sees men as there competitors and not companion. A feminist woman doesn't consider marriage as the holy matrimony, she see it as a means to acquire new name.

While it might sound nice remember the institution of a marriage states that one partner depends on the other for one thing or the other. That's what keeps the love flowing. She tends to be defensive and uncontrollable as she sees nobody else than her self. I bet such marriages doesn't last. That's to tell, that they are in a relationship just to compete.

Conclusion In as much as there are some men unworthy of several women. And the women resolving to feminism isn't the solution, as it will always lead to broken home, divorced family, abandoned children. If the feminist women avoid dating feminist so independent then there isn't any need to get married because there is no space for a man in your life.

Over to you guys. Have u had any feminist encounter? Avoid dating feminist conclusion; Feminists are jus giant pains in d ass and u shud try to avoid dem as a guy. In conclusion; Feminists are jus giant pains in d ass and u shud try to avoid dem as a guy Exactly o I won't forgive this feminist gurl I last dated. Exactly o I won't forgive this feminist gurl I last dated Lool.

Wat did she do to u? Did she say she wants to b d groom wen u wanna marry? They should be independent and self-sufficient. That's how it ought to be,but has a man,you shouldn't allow her to take up the responsibility of datong home. Make sure you provide what is need at home,but if you avoid dating feminist not financially fit. Make sure ffminist carry the lion share of the responsibility,even if she is more financially fit than you. That's what makes you a man. If the feminist-wannabes on nl are anything to go by, then I will agree for intellectual reasons.

Because a lady choosed to be independent guyz should not date or marry her bah? While there is nothing wrong with an independent woman, some feminists take it feminst the extreme, to the extent that they refuse to help their husbands and vice versa on top independence. Marriage supposed to be a relationship of interdependence, not just two daging who refuse to help each other once in a while or during difficult moments.

The question is do we have them in Nigeria? Names withheld because I just don't have the strength to avoid dating feminist this evening. First niggas bish about women asking them for things and depending on them but then complaining about femiist making her own money and not depend on dafing for support. Make up your bleeping minds niggas!

Pick one and stick to it! Any guy that avoix this way is suffering from inferiority complex and will never appreciate women. The traits u mentioned up there don't describe a feminist. A feminist sees men as equals not competitors. Even if she is financially independent,everyone needs spousal love and affection,as long as she is a woman,she needs them too. Forget all those small small girls running about forming feminists.

True feminism can't survive in Nigeria especially with the kind of mindset our nigerian sisters have. Before you toll the feminism lane, remember the following: No man opens the car doors for you again 2. No man helps you with a heavy luggage 3. No man initiates sex with you first 4. No man approaches you for a relationship first, if you admire him, you must avoid dating feminist up to him, since it's an equal world.

No man foots the bills for you again. No man pays your bride price again 7. Etc Men are holding doors for women? I dey laff oo The bride's family is getting the money Women can carry their own luggage and foot the bills Men are holding doors for women? We know women can carry their luggages, but i remember you peoples model Chimamanda once said that men couldn't even help her with her luggages one of the times she visited Finland.

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