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White Plains versus Stamford? Some forums can only be seen by registered members. Hi All, I'm new to this forum. I searched the threads to see if there was already an answer to my question, but didn't find much outside of a retired couple asking questions about where they should stamford dating scene to. I'm 32 and am finally finishing up my training as an emergency medicine doctor. I'm so very excited!

However, I'm very undecided as to where to move to. White Plains is a 10min drive from where I currently live, and I think it's a great city. However, I don't know if Stamford would be a better option for me. For someone who is a young and single female, and ready to date and or join social groups, is one city more preferable than the other?

Does stamford dating scene city have a higher prevalence of young professional singles than the other? Because I stamford dating scene a mountain of medical school dating 60+ to pay off, I'm not interested in purchasing any property at this time. However, I am interested in living in a very nice?

Would living in White Plains and commuting to Stamford place me at a tax disadvantage eg. Or would it be better monetarily speaking to both live and work in Stamford? I've never lived in CT and am somewhat hesitant, since I've lived in NY almost all of my life. However, I'd be willing to make the move if it's more advantageous. Stamford is very similar to White Plains in a lot of ways. You will not be giving anything up by living in Stamford, and there's NO reason to endure the commute from White Plains.

In fact, I think I prefer Stamford in a lot of ways. Better restaurants, the downtown area has more foot traffic on weekends, lower crime. Also, if stamford dating scene have a lot of debt - try being more conservative about free dating sites in the ukraine. Originally Posted by Stylo. If at all possible it's always best to live close to work.

Although not far in distance from each other, traffic is a horror. There are times you're going to be going to work in bad weather, or called in on an emergency basis, etc. You'll appreciate living close then. I'm a very friendly person, but I do confess that I'm quite reserved and am not sure to how to go about finding new friends in Stamford, should I move there. I have friends, but they're mostly in NYC and the surrounding NYC borroughs.

I'd really like to keep my professional and private lives separate, and so although I'll likely make friends at work, I don't want to have them as my social support. The problem stamford dating scene I don't know a single soul in Stamford, or any part of Connecticut for that matter. So, what are my options, in terms of social stamford dating scene in Stamford?

How can I go about meeting new people? Originally Posted by erdocjolly. Originally Posted by Antonio Stamford is as faraway from NY as you can live and still claim to be within the Stamford dating scene metro area. Yeah, even Waterbury is considered part of the NYC metro area. New York metropolitan area - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Stamford is similar to White Pains in many ways - even some of the bars are the same, ie Black Bear.

If you like White Plains, you'll probably like Stamford. If you'll be working in Stamford, I'd definitely suggest living there too. Even though you don't know anyone yet, you'll meet tons of poeple at your new job, many of whom will live in the area. It's also not far from White Plains, so you can easily drive min to see friends on a Saturday night. Some streets to explore include Summer St, Bedford St and Atlantic Ave. You can also drive over to the Cove - an advantage Stamford has over White Plains is that it's on the water.

Live in NY State, sometimes work in CT. Stamford dating scene are both very similar. Stamford I think is a bit bigger and has more in the way of young singles, though not by much. If you were buying property, Stamford has the lower property taxes. Regarding state income taxes, what your employer will likely do is withhold CT tax if you live in NY and then at tax time it will all even out stamford dating scene would likely either owe or get a small refund from NY and get a decent refund from CT.

This is what happens in my case, but it varies with employers, stamford dating scene my wife worked for a Fortune company in Norwalk a few years ago they figured out how much of both to withhold. In your shoes I'd probably pick Stamford over the two as I think it has a little stamford dating scene to offer a young single person, but you'll be OK in either.

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